0 - 2 years old

Babies learn through stimulations of their senses.

That's why they are always grabbing, holding, and rubbing everything they can—and why not? All those everyday textures and sensations are brand new to infants and it helps them learn about the world around them. That’s why a lot of the books here are touch and feel books! Our youngest readers are gaining an intro to books and discovering something new to pat, rub, crinkle, and squish on every page. (And yay! Most touch and feel books are board books, so they’re pretty impervious to little hands and baby drool—bonus!)

Here's a series of sensory and interactive picture books, as well as some recommendations on infant favourites, that are so well-loved by my boys. We hope this will hopefully help you and your beginner reader develop his / her love for reading!

Will you be my friend?-Walker Books-Wild & Wonder
Walker Books

Will you be my friend?

Olivia-Ian Falconer-Wild & Wonder
Ian Falconer


Look at me! I am a Monster! (Pre-order)-Sebastien Braun-Wild & Wonder
Sebastien Braun

Look at me! I am a Monster!