Hidden World: Ocean and Forest (Set of 2)

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A set of lift-the-flap nature book.

Learn about the marine creatures and plants of the Hidden World - Ocean and flora and fauna of the Hidden World - forest. This book is perfect for introducing young children to the wonders of everything beneath the waves as well as the wonders of the woods. The lift-the-flap features of this beautifully illustrated book engage young readers as they explore different habitats, such as the coral reef, the ocean floor, the deep sea, burrows, nests, webs and more!

What Wild & Wonder loved about this book

We love watercolor illustrations! Not only are they beautifully illustrated, each page is themed with six flaps opening to reveal sumptuous illustrations and fun, bite-sized facts which are perfect to engage toddlers.

Our son loves this book so much that he has memorised the entire book and whenever he sees an animal he knows, he remembers that unique feature about them "Mummy look! The squirrel uses its bushy tail to balance on the tree!"