Little Big Feelings: I Like to be Kind & Sometimes I'm Worried

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A series of 2 books that introduces children to emotions in a simple and easy to understand manner:


I Like To Be Kind is a fun introduction to the benefits of being kind to others. Young children can lift the flaps, slide the tabs and turn the wheel as they explore what kindness is, the emotional effect of being kind and ways in which they can show kindness.

Recommended for parents who wants to teach children about Sharing! 


Sometimes I am Worried helps young children to start managing their emotions. They can lift the flaps, slide the tabs and turn the wheel to explore what a worry is, why they might worry and how they can stop their worries from becoming too big.

What Wild & Wonder loved about these books:

Research has shown that talking about emotions openly with young children is important as it helps build emotional intelligence and resilience at a young age. Both books are designed to make it fun for little ones - lots of flaps to lift, wheels to turn and tabs to slide as they explore, learn and talk about different emotions.

At the end of each book, there are extra hints and practical tips from Early Years expert, Dr Janet Rose on ways for parents to help children understand and manage their emotions.