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The perfect book for a high-energy child, and a parent with a high-energy child. 

Olivia is about a bold, imaginative, and endlessly curious little pig who can turn almost any situation into a grand adventure. She's quite precocious and dislikes naps. Olivia is charming and cultured. She is at once fashion designer, dancer, architect, artist, and big sister and yet she acts just like a child. But that's also the reason why she is so lovable. 

The author uses only 3-color scheme in his illustrations but is so cleverly designed. The black and white suggest high end art and culture, while the splashy red represents the fearless personality and childish individuality of Olivia. The book is itself a work of art, and did you know infants are attracted to black, white and red? You can start reading this book to them from young! 

What Wild & Wonder loved about this book:

Olivia is a deeply relatable character for our eldest toddler. He is constantly on the move the moment he wakes up, and has more energy and imagination than we know what to do with sometimes, just like Olivia who "is very good at wearing people out". So whenever we read the book, we can’t help but giggle at how closely it resembles our lives. If you have a child like ours, this is definitely gonna be one of your favourite. We love seeing our son see himself. We love how Olivia's energy, imagination, and creativity are always celebrated. And we especially love how it ends off with "You know you really wear me out, but I love you anyway", a mindful reminder of our hearts.