Together: Animal Partnerships In The Wild

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A vast migration.
Cranes take turns to lead their flock:
The feathered arrow.

Follow a flock of cranes on a migration by land and sea, and find out how animals forge unlikely partnerships to help each other in the wild. Simple haiku poems and fascinating facts give a powerful message of togetherness.

By Isabel Otter (author) and Clover Robin (illustrator)

What Wild & Wonder loved about it:

The text is separated on each page with short verses of haiku poetry on one side and then an informative fact about the animals illustrated on the other. It may seem disjointed a little to some but readers are able to explore two very different types of text in one book, highlighting that there are many fun and varied ways of writing.

The book wonderfully shares examples of working together, from small birds helping giraffes in keeping flea free to ostriches and zebras working well together to protect them from predators, providing little readers with so much to explore.