Pretend Play

"Play is a child's way of solving life's mysteries."

When children engage in pretend play, they’re actively experimenting with the social roles of life. I am a strong believer in pretend play and it has helped me a lot in mentally preparing my kids for major milestones, as well as teaching them key skills that are important for their social success e.g., sharing, co-operating, compromising, problem-solving, and emotional regulation. It allows them to see things from a "third-person's" perspective and hence allows then to process things logically and work through difficult emotions through play. It also expands their vocabulary and give them the power to re-enact a story and to organise play. Most of all. it allows children to practice at life. Whether it’s something they are worried about, testing social boundaries, trying out different social roles, or practicing self-regulation skills.

Baby Mouse in Carrycot-Maileg-Wild & Wonder

Baby Mouse in Carrycot

Hiker Mouse, Big Brother-Maileg-Wild & Wonder

Hiker Mouse, Big Brother

Happy Camper Mouse Tent-Maileg-Wild & Wonder

Happy Camper Mouse Tent

Wild & Wonder ・゚✧

Portable Wooden Playhouse