Our Story

Hello there!

We are a psychology-trained husband and wife team with two playful and wonderful boys. Being nature lovers ourselves, we've noticed the dose of wonder and adventure that our boys often gives us when we bring them out to connect with nature. Simple things like rain, waves, or squirrels running up the trees can ignite sparkle in their eyes and bring joy to our hearts.

This has become our main source of inspiration to combine nature, play as well as our knowledge on developmental psychology through a collection of handpicked and in-house designed toys and books that we want to share with the world.

The collection here have been mindfully chosen with the intention to purposefully nurture our little explorer’s natural curiosity, encourage their sense of wonder and imagination, and foster a deep love for learning. We also strive to bring in beautiful accessories that will support their spirit of adventure.

At the same time, we focus on being friendly to our forests, picking only natural and sustainable materials for mother earth and the future of our children.

I hope you can be part of our story and follow along! 



Wild & Wonder