From the Woods Tumi Ishi (Set of 10)

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Tumi Ishi is translated from Japanese as "Mountain of stones." Inspired by an ancient Japanese game, these "stones" teaches balance and hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, logic, and ignite creativity as they can be stacked in any manner, and be used for any other imaginative play - turn stones into mystical lands (rocks, icebergs, deserts)! Hand-carved from wood, these Tumi Ishi Wooden Balancing Stones carry a certain warmth and is a pleasure to touch, and smell.

A fun and challenging toy which will be suitable for any ages from 3 to 100 years old. Not just as a toy, it looks great as a home decor too! 

However, despite the translation, “pebbles” are carved from natural wood and therefore carry a certain warmth and it is a pleasure to touch them. All elements of the Tumi Ishi set to have different faces and sizes, each “pebble” is unique in its own way.

The wood are made from 5 different pure natural wood  Our toys are handmade individual work. The model is the same, but each toy is different as each item is handcrafted and will be slightly different from the photo.

What we really love about it is that it helps children to focus and train perseverance as well, which is critical for nurturing them into resilient adults.

We use the highest quality sustainably sourced wood and the stones are made of 5 different types of wood (Camphor, Sapele, Pine, Black Walnut, Douglas Fir).

Our toys are handmade and each toy may differ slightly from the photo as it is individually handcrafted. Our finish is 100% organic and 100% non-toxic. We use no stain or paint on any of the stones; they are all the natural wood color of the individual wood species.

Set consists of 10 stones of different shapes and colours. Each stone is unique.