The Lost Fairy Tales

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Once upon a time, there was a girl at the centre of the story who didn’t need rescuing … 

If damsels in distress and prissy princesses give you cause for despair and you've always wanted a fairy tale with a strong heroine, look no further. This anthology contains 20. Better than that, these stories haven’t been rewritten to change the roles of the characters. They always featured strong females. 

This enchanting anthology of 20 overlooked and forgotten fairy tales has been collected from different cultures around the world. Every story features a strong female heroine, who approaches life with humour, wit, cunning and bravery. None of these heroines needs rescuing.

From Canada to Nigeria, Japan to Mexico, there are 20 stories that while retold, remain true to their original stories and characters. All retaining the fairy tale magical and adventurous feel, they are short enough to read in one session, so great for family story-sharing, or fitting in a quick, satisfying independent read whever there’s a spare 10 mins. The stories are also beautifully illustrated – we were drawn to the pictures and the colour-washed pages before I even started to read – and the hardback book has a high-quality feel to it, which would make it a lovely gifts.

By Isabel Otter