Little Creators

"Let's enable our children to be Creators, not just Consumers."

Kid's are more tech-savvy today than ever before but all that screen time may mean less time spent interacting with physical objects, creating, designing, and developing important coordination skills. They may not be taught in school, but these sorts of skills, like sewing, crafting, building, woodworking, and gardening, are not unimportant. It's easier to just feed our kids with finished and safe toys where there is a wealth of products to choose from in the market now, but I've always believed in getting kids to "Do-it-yourself" - to learn how to create with their hands, to learn to fix and build things, not just consume; and adopt some hobbies that don’t require an internet connection. From a psychological standpoint, hands-on activities have been widely found to be effective and engaging. Besides, we all treasure and value the toys we make on our own because we understand the "hard-work" that goes into creating it right?